Located on the East side of the building and accessible from the drive-up lane, our 24-hour ATM can accept customer depositss, transfer funds between attached accounts, and dispense cash on YOUR schedule.
If you've ever forgotten to pick up your payroll check, had it lost in the mail, or couldn't make it to the bank during business hours, you've probably experienced enough frustration. Why not prevent this issue from occurring again? Direct deposit transfers the funds to your account electronically, avoiding those pitfalls.
Located on the South side of the building, just East of the front door, we have a night depository. customers may make deposits or loan payments at any time, day or night. These transactions will be credited on the next business day.
Perhaps physically getting to the bank is difficult or inconvenient. We accept deposits and loan payments through the mail and return receipts upon request. Please do not send cash through the mail.
Although it isn't required, most of our customers choose to order and reorder their checks through us. Several designs are available to reflect your individual style and pricing is extremely reasonable.
In today's society, it seems that plastic is king. From buying gas, to paying for groceries, to withdrawing cash, it's all just a swipe away. Our cards carry the MasterCard logo and operate on the Shazam network for convenience and reliability wherever you might be.
Need a safe place to store your valuables and important documents? We can help. Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are leased on an annual basis. Each box requires two keys to open, one held by the customer and one by the bank. And you'll rest easy knowing that your important items are secure.

**Note: Safe deposit box contents are NOT FDIC insured.
Wire transfers are a fast and convenient way to securely send or receive funds electronically from anywhere in this country and several countries abroad. Wire transfers are frequently a required form of payment in real estate transactions.
Most folks have a change jar sitting around the house. We can turn those coins into bills. Coins must be presorted by denomination by the customer. Foreign or mutilated coin will not be accepted and/or returned.

Automatic Payments

Notary Public


Property Tax Payments

***We accept property tax payments for Rock Island County and Mercer County

Services offered to Village of Reynolds Residents

Water/Sewer/Trash Payments

Payments made during business hours should be placed inside the red metal box in the northwest corner of the lobby. Payments made after hours may be placed in the night depository box and will be transferred to the red metal box by a bank employee on the next business day.

Garbage Stickers

Weekly, residents are allowed two 35-gallon trash containers for collection. Anything beyond that requires a sticker.